Friday, January 31, 2014

January Links

I found a lot of excellent internet places in January, so I thought I'd share them with you guys!

Tavi Gevinson gave a really inspiring talk at the Melbourne Writer's Festival
Gala Darling was interviewed by Rachel at In Spaces Between. Gala Darling is my idol, you guys. I love her.
Google's Ray Kurzweil talks about life 30 years into the future! Reading this is amazing!
This guy named Austin Hay, who I think is about my age, built himself a little house. This video is so inspiring and awesome to watch!
This article on Rookie talks about all the instances in which grown men condescend to teen girls and attempt to discuss their behavior without even knowing how teenage girls really act. An excellent read.
This awesome mashup called PopLove 2 2013 is ten minutes long and has 56 songs in it! It's amazing, and the video is sick!
I enjoyed this interview that Etsy did with Elsie Larson!
Alannah's Etsy shop is the cutest thing ever!

I loved this piece on Toshiko Shek's home! Not only is her apartment ridiculously cute, she also lives in Santa Cruz! Represent! I love how she describes our town.
I loved the article called The Truth About Getting Engaged Before You're 23. So very insightful and enlightening!
I love Elsie's article about Craft Room Inspiration. I aspire to one day have a craft room. Ah...
Also, their article about Ideas for Renters for decorating a home was excellent. I will be a renter pretty soon so I will be using this article!
This article about why Millenials aren't buying nearly as many houses or cars as our parents did was ver interesting.
This video made by Maggie Doyne tells her story of building a school for children in Nepal. So inspiring!
New blog Crush! Living in A Nutshell has some awesome apartment-living ideas for decorating.

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  1. Great compilation, I'll definitely be reading these articles. :]
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