Thursday, February 13, 2014

Art Update: My Recent Projects!

This quarter I am taking my first-ever college art class, and I've done two assignments so far, both of which I am really proud. This first one was my most recent assignment, in which a friend and I collaborated to make a relic of our childhood, which is entitled Little Girls. Above, you can see my friend's baby teeth, and the main centerpiece of our relic was our ponytails of cut-off hair. I just recently cut my hair off, and what else would I do with ten plus inches of cutoff hair than make an art project out of it?

I modified the box you see here by installing panels made from cardboard and then covered with velvet, which was originally a scarf we found at Salvation Army. I also sewed those scissors onto the backing and hot glued the lace around the rim. I am so happy with how the box came out.

I also sewed the cloth we used from pieces of old nightgowns a lacy tablecloth, and bed linens that we got from the Salvation Army. The pink ribbons in our hair in the picture above also came off a nightgown. Upcycling!
We also bought about five stuffed animals from another thrift store and got them all dirty and burned their faces (yes, we felt bad doing this, we tried to buy animals that already had something wrong with them so we weren't taking the nice ones from children). 

These photos are from an earlier project, the theme for which was light and shadows. I decided to make an homage to Psycho and film noir through a series of photographs, and I'm really satisfied with these as well. (Although the Blogger photo uploader lightened them a bit, so keep that in mind). The model is one of my friends who lives across from me in Kresge, and the person making the shadows/holding the knife is my housemate. This was a lot of fun to shoot. If you look closely at these photos and the photos above, you'll notice the recurring white tiled floor. That's because both of these projects were shot in my creepy bathroom! Yay! 

My TA seems to enjoy my projects but also keeps using the word "terrifying" to describe them, so I think I might be scaring her a bit. My art isn't always super dark, so don't worry!


  1. very cool (and terrifying of course). I really like how these show the diversity of your work too with the projects being so different from each other. your upcycling also gives extra character to your first project - it's weaving a lot of pasts together since you are incorporating other people's items they left behind. thanks for sharing.


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