Friday, February 28, 2014

February Links

I thought I'd share all the cool internet places I found this month, so here ya go:

The website Money Saving Mom is chock-full of financial tips that can work for college students too. Very helpful.
This is a really easy and cute idea to revamp old shoe boxes! I have tons that I can do this to.
The website iHeart Organizing is very fulfilling to the OCD person in me.
A Bowl Full of Lemons is giving me similar organizational heartthrobs!
Here are some tips about couponing. These might come in handy.
This Pinterest board about homesteading is very interesting.
I also found the site Homestead Honey, and I must say, it's very intriguing.
Not gonna lie, I've been on this Pinterest board for hours. And I'm still going!
Would you cleanse your face with oil? Apparently it's good for your skin, even those of us who are acne-prone!
Here's another couponing how-to article!

Marilyn Monroe's Wikipedia page is a pretty interesting read.
My friend started this really cool page called Humans of Santa Cruz where she shares photos that she takes of people she sees and talks to in town!
There's a petition to split California into six different states! This actually sounds like a good idea.
Sarah Cwynar is my new favorite artist. Her work is amazing and very well conceptualized! I love it!
This article called Say Yes on Rookie made me feel awesome after reading it! Here is some excellent advice to take!
This feminist tumblr collective, Hurricane Girls, is super badass, and very pink!
For my fellow bloggers out there, the girls at the Blogcademy did a hangout video where they answered a bunch of excellent questions about blogging.
I love Viva La DIY's post about their Cat Coat & Skirt, the new and improved versions are so adorable!

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