Monday, March 3, 2014

March Playlist

Happy March, everybody! 2014 is flying by, this is crazy. It's almost spring, but it definitely doesn't feel like it here, it's been raining for days!
I hope you all enjoy my mood board and playlist, which you can listen to on Youtube, here.

March Playlist

California Soul - Marlena Shaw (Diplo Mad Decent Remix)

Spaceman - The Killers

Unbelievers - Vampire Weekend

1940 - Submarines (Amplive Remix)

Smile Like You Mean It - The Killers

Scenic World - Beirut

Get Me Golden - Terraplane Sun

The (Shipped) Gold Standard - Fall Out Boy

Losing Touch - The Killers

Undisclosed Desires - Muse

Giving Up the Gun - Vampire Weekend 

This Is Your Life - The Killers

Madness - Muse

Weatherpeople - RJD2

Juicebox - The Section Quartet

Saint Simon - The Shins

Silver Tiles - Matt & Kim

In February, I:

Figured out some life-stuff, went to the Monterey Bay aquarium, celebrated Valentine's Day, worked on getting a job, completed a couple more art projects, hung out with many friends, got rid of so much STUFF, went thrift shopping tried Chinese food for the first time ever (!), started to read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay, drank lots of water, and continued my Happiness Project

In March, I will:

Continue dat job hunt, drum up some money over spring break, ace my finals, continue my Happiness Project, go dancing, get rid of more STUFF, work out (yay), make or draw something cool, and have some more adventures :)

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