Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happiness Project: March

      Today, I'm bringing you an update for my Happiness Project. For March, the theme I chose to focus on was The Law of Attraction. But first, let's discuss how I did in February, the theme for which was Self-Love

The goals I made for February were:

- Exercise and eat well

- Wear a different cute outfit every day

- Read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay

- Do daily affirmations

- 5 Minute Stretch and Smile in the mornings

- Write in my  Radical Self Love bible every day

- Do all Homework Assignments on Love and Sequins

       While I failed to actually make a little chart like I originally wanted to, I can say with some confidence that I made some headway on my journey to self-acceptance this month, which is very gratifying. I didn't quite do all of these goals to their fullest extent, but I accomplished what they were meant to bring me towards. I did look pretty cute for most of February, except for all the rainy days. Here are a few of my favorite outfits (prepare for selfies): 

     I didn't do the morning stretches, and part of that might be because that's a little much for me in the morning, but hey, I am a college student. I'm sleepy! I also didn't write in my little "bible" every day, but that's because realistically, I don't have time. 
      Ultimately, I think I need to set some more realistic and mindful goals for the next ten months. Speaking of which, here are my goals for March:

- Practice gratitude every day

Read Money and The Law of Attraction

- Volunteer

- Get rid of clutter

- Make a conscious effort to only speak kindly of others

I'm already doing the volunteering and getting rid of clutter, so those are a piece of cake. As for the others, we'll see how I do!

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