Friday, April 4, 2014

Happiness Project: April Is the Month of Friendship

My Happiness Project Theme for the month of April is friendship, and I'm so happy (and not just because I get to use a picture from Freaks & Geeks)! Basically, my friends (and potential friends) become my top priority this month, and I'm very excited to have an excuse to hang out with people more often. My goals for the month are:

- Make 3 new friends
- Spend 1 day every weekend with friends
- Spend 4 days a week with friends
- Surprise close friends with gifts
- Go to a different friend’s house 2 times a week
- Join/organize a group 

       I plan on having quite a few adventures as a part of this month's endeavors, and I'll tell the stories at the end of the month when I'm all done! 
       My theme last month was The Law of Attraction, and I did a pretty good job with those goals, though I was not as thorough as I'd like to be. I suspect this month will be more successful since I am already so enthusiastic. We shall see :) I hope everyone has a happy April!

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