Friday, May 30, 2014

May Links

Cap off your month o' May with a little bit of web-surfin'! Enjoy!

I love Coco's tumblr! Super feminist and awesome to the max.
I love Lois's drawings! Her blog is super inspiring and I love her color schemes. The top illustration is by her.
This little tumblr rant about the presence of misogyny in modern society is on point! If you don't believe there is any misogyny in our society, give this one a little read, see what you think.
Lorde's video for "Royals" is so badass. Read the caption too!!
This little article about DIY Jorts is just silly and too cute!

I'm also enjoying Ana's blog, The Skinny Artist. I really want her Space Girl poster!!
Rookie featured these "film stills" made from photographs that one of their contributors took. What a neat idea!
I enjoyed Gala Darling's rapid fire advice post!
I love Wishcandy's art! I found lots of great artists this month.

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