Thursday, May 22, 2014

Things I Love Thursday! Spring Celebrations, Friendship, and Love

Hello friends! Since May is the month of gratitude in accordance with me Happiness Project, I thought I would take this excellent opportunity to do a Things I Love Thursday! Here are some things, people, and places that I've been super grateful for lately, in no particular order:

      I love.... Spring at UCSC! + Improving my painting skills + Mental clarity + Chill time + Looking forward to an upcoming vacation and awesome summer classes + My new job! + Morning breakfast adventures with my b + Deer, they are too adorable + Living in a beautiful and abundant forest + Santa Cruz in general + My wonderful roommates + Finding and trying new recipes! + Making new friends and keeping old ones + Sunshine and beautiful weather + Being a part of UCSC's Take Back the Tap campaign and being educated about water issues + Being involved with my school + Being able to go to UCSC + All the friends I'll get to see over summer + Organic foods! + Seeing other people's artworks + Living in California + Friendly people who say hi to me even if we don't talk very often + Getting lots of sleep + Feeding myself healthy foods + UCSC Summer Sessions + 

Having a solid babysitting gig this summer with an awesome family + Having a laundry machine again soon! + The fact that I have hiked to the top of Half Dome + Finding good new music + YouTube + Having enough money to pay for delicious foods, like apricots! + My supportive and loving parents + My creative sister + My awesome Volvo station wagon! + Eighties music because it's awesome + My Doc Marten Flanagans. I wore them almost every day this school year and they're barely worn out at all, and still very comfortable + Feeling beautiful without makeup + Gettin' my tan game on + Being able to communicate quickly through my cellphone + Having a fast Internet connection + Going to and hosting parties + Finding a free jump rope yesterday! + Printing mishaps with label makers + All the photos I've taken with disposable cameras + Having the freedom to do things that cost money + Sharing clothes with my roommates + Home-cooked meals! + My body, it does so much for me :)

What are you grateful for? 
Try giving it a little thought. 

Happy Thursday!

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