Friday, May 16, 2014

Being a Loner and Liking It

      I recently read an amazing Rookie article about how to be alone, and it made me realize not only how awesome alone time is, but how much I've missed it! I've been so busy and so involved with classes, friends, events, my internship, my job, and my extracurriculars that I have little time by myself, and when I do, it's perplexing. I recently discovered I'd totally forgotten what it was like to not only have alone time, but to revel in it. But after reading that article and venturing into the unacknowledged frontier that is solitude once again, I realized something: Being alone can be really awesome!

      Often in our society we are encouraged to always be social, extroverted, and outgoing. We are encouraged to be busy with our work, or else with our play, which must be a social activity. And while those things are totally okay to strive for and enjoy, let us not look down on being alone. Being alone is very different from being lonely. When you are lonely, you are also usually sad or upset, but being alone is an awesomely enjoyable activity if you give it the chance. Often when I am going to eat in the dining hall or walking to class, I see other people I know, but I choose to avoid them because I am enjoying my own time. I'm free to think about whatever I want without interruption, and that is excellent.

      I think everyone should try alone time. Hang out with yourself! Take yourself out on dates! Take care of yourself! Remember my list of adventures to have with your friends? You can do almost all of those by yourself, so why not try?

     Hanging out with yourself gives you a great opportunity to get to know yourself, and to build up self-confidence. Imagine having the guts to do something you normally wouldn't do alone completely solo, like going to a restaurant or concert. You'd probably feel like a badass, just because you don't need company to enjoy something or handle a situation; you can depend on you.

     So go out by yourself. Take a walk around your block, climb a tree, or just hang out in your room. Cherish the silence, the lack of a need to keep up with the conversation. Now get out a notebook, and write down a solo adventure you'll have in the future. Go forth, and be alone :)

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